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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Four pints of milk at £1.18 are also considered reasonable value

BRITONS are happy to pay for iPhone apps and flat screen TVs but think takeaway pizzas and birthday cards are a rip-off, according to research.

The nation also hates the high prices of printer cartridges and theme park tickets and people resent having to pay 60p for a first-class stamp or 30p for the toilet at train stations.

And one in four Britons hates having to put in to a colleague’s birthday whip-round.

But the poll of 2,000 adults, by print and post specialists Docmail, into what purchases provide value for money revealed that people consider the biggest waste of cash is paying £3 on average for a birthday card.

Docmail managing director Dave Broadway said: “These are hard times for many people and the results of the research show the majority of Britons feel they aren’t getting value for money in many areas.

“The study shows it is not about how much something costs but the level of value represented in the price.”

Read the full article published by the Daily Express here: £3 FOR A BIRTHDAY CARD TOPS OUR LIST OF RIP-OFFS



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