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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bank backs CFH expansion

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CFH Total Document Management, which supplies document processing solutions, is pushing forward with its expansion after signing a new funding arrangement with Clydesdale Bank.

The agreement means that Radstock-based CFH Total Document Management can continue to increase the development of its Docmail fulfillment service – which it said helps to cut postage costs.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH, said: "As a £28m business we have particular needs and support requirements and we felt that we needed better, more cohesive support from our banking partner, with a single point of contact for asset finance, invoice finance and banking.

"With Clydesdale we have just one partner contact and everything is handled through them. It makes doing business with Clydesdale Bank that much easier."

Ian Harris, business partner at Clydesdale Bank in Bath, added: "We were pleased to be able to assist CFH with its continued growth. We look forward to continuing this support as the company expands even further."

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Docmail postal service tree planting initiative

Whilst we all like to feel we're doing our bit for the environment, in reality we're not doing anywhere near enough. CFH Total Document Management has gone a step further with its Docmail desktop postal service - by giving customers not only a way to save money on postage but the option to plant a tree in their name.

In association with The Woodland Trust, the Toptree Initiative focuses on the restoration of UK woodland, and plants twice as many trees in this country as were originally used to make the paper products that carry the Toptree logo.

All Toptree supported products are made from paper sourced from sustainably maintained forests. For every tree used to produce Toptree paper, the Initiative plants two trees in Woodland Trust managed woods, helping support the environment for future generations.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH Total Document Management, creators of Docmail, says, “Many companies try to reduce their environmental impact by reducing their paper usage and using recycled paper. With the environmental challenges we face today, conservation is not enough. We need restoration. The Toptree Initiative plants trees in the UK to help regenerate UK woodland for all to enjoy.”

Almost 80,000 trees have been planted by the Toptree Initiative since it began in 1997.

Users of the online mail facility can now opt to include a Toptree logo and special code in their letters. The Toptree Initiative will plant trees to replace that paper, and for every ten codes entered onto the Toptree website, an extra tree will be planted. Full details can be found at

Docmail is an exciting desktop mail service with low postage prices starting from just 25pence. Customers compile and send post direct from their PC. One of the simplest, most user-friendly online mail facilities to use, there’s no software to install; all that’s needed is a computer with internet access and a web browser.

The system allows you to upload a Word document and any PDFs you want to include in your mailing, enter an address or upload a list onto the online database, and then simply click the mouse for Docmail to print, personalise, enclose and post, with no limits on quantity or destination.

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Hybrid mail could save MPs £500k

If all Westminster MPs were to adopt hybrid mail for their constituency postal correspondence, then savings of up to half a million pounds could be saved in the public purse each year.

According to a new study carried out by leading document management company CFH, over £250,000 could be saved each year in postage costs alone if hybrid mail was used. Add to that cost of headed paper, envelopes and administrative time, then the resulting savings become substantial.

Dave Broadway, managing director of CFH, comments, "MPs find themselves in a dilemma. We all know that they are under constant pressure to reduce their costs. Yet they also need to maintain regular communication with their constituents.

"We have examined the postal expenses of all 635 MPs and we are certain there are significant savings that can be made without jeopardising constituency relationships. In fact, we would suggest that there is the opportunity for MPs to communicate more and spend less."

While a first class stamp for a normal letter costs 39 pence, the overall cost of posting a letter also needs to include sundries such as paper and envelope, printer cartridge, and of course administrative time. With a hybrid mail service such as CFH Docmail, the starting price of 25p (plus vat) includes all stationery, printing, enclosing, and delivering. This alleviates the need for the outlay on stationery, and allows precious administrative time to be spent on core duties.

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