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Monday 25 June 2012

1 in 3 go six months without lifting a pen (The Sun)

THE writing is on the wall for putting pen to paper, a study shows.

Technology has taken over communication so much that many adults now go six weeks without writing anything by hand.

One in three Brits admits not having done so for SIX MONTHS and one in six believe it is a waste of time even to teach writing in schools. Those who do still write say it is usually for their own eyes only and many confess their script has become so scruffy they can hardly read it themselves.

Half no longer see any need to bother writing neatly or to check spelling. And four out of ten use text-style abbreviations such as “u” for “you”.

Emails and texts are being increasingly used to send messages while more banking, document-editing and other business is done electronically.

The research was carried out for print and post specialist Docmail. Managing director Dave Broadway said: “It’s a shame handwriting is in general decline, but it has come about from the need for convenience and quick communication.”

Read the article published in the Sun here: 1 in 3 go six months without lifting a pen

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